Please register the symposium first and use your Eventbrite order number to submit your abstract (400 words limit). The deadline for abstract submission is the midnight of Saturday, Aug 4th, 2018.

Poster size: maximum 44 inch wide x 60 inch height

Lightning Talk

Lightning talk will take place at 3:50 pm on Saturday, Sept 8th, right before the poster session.


  1. Share your fantastic work among Taiwanese community!
  2. The lightning talk is aiming to attract more people to your poster and facilitate interaction.
  3. Not only sharing it but excel it.
  4. Practicing your pitch to lay audience and get constructive feedback.


  1. Poster presenters get the chance to present a lightning talk.
  2. The length of the lightning talk will be from 1 min to 5 min (depends on the number of the participants). In general, please use a short presentation to address your work to lay audience.
  3. You can use 1 powerpoint slide (no animation) to assist your presentation.
  4. Presenters will get two types of feedback: one is the immediate feedback from our professional judge, Dr. Richard Liang, and one is the anonymous written feedback from the audience.
  5. The presentation will be judged on the following criteria: clarity, communication, and engagement. We will have 2 winners, based on the judge and the anonymous vote from the audience. We will announce the winners at the closing remark on Sunday, Sept 9th.

Introduction of our professional judge: Dr. Richard Liang

Dr. Richard Liang is an assistant professor at the University of Michigan and serves in the editorial board of the Scientific Reports. He leads many undergraduate and graduate students and is an expert in the cutting-edge research over the years. Richard has a strong interpersonal leadership and often bridges collaboration between academia and industry.
In the lightning session, we are honored to have Dr. Richard Liang to be the professional judge to give presenters some constructive comments and shares his valuable experience.